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About Illuminations

Illuminations was founded in the early 2000s by Christopher Galavis, a Florida native following in his father's footsteps. Christopher's dad, Carlos, founded the original Illuminations company in 1994, and Christopher grew up inspired, working alongside Carlos. With a shared love of the outdoors, sports and blessed with the entrepreneurial spirit, Christopher attended Santa Fe College and decided to start Illuminations G2 in Jacksonville, Florida. After getting married and being blessed with five boys, and after a few moves, Christopher is excited to continue raising the next generation of lighting-enthusiasts in Ocala, Florida. 

With a unique passion and almost a lifetime of experience in the industry, Christopher's love and passion for lighting & design shines (pun intended) through every consultation, design & project. He loves meeting new customers throughout the Ocala & The Villages area, helping to ensure that a relationship is built & maintained throughout the process - and after! - and he is excited to help get you started on your next project. In his free time, Christopher enjoys spending time with his family and attending all of his boys sporting events - and dreaming up his next project, of course!  

Check out our Google Reviews!

We take customer feedback very seriously, and we are so proud to share reviews we've received! Click the link below to check out our google reviews! To our customers who have left feedback & trusted us with your business & your lighting goals - thank you!

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